Car Audio Navigation System for Toyota Corolla

Car Audio Navigation System for Toyota Corolla

This car audio navigation system is applicable to Toyota Corolla.

Multi-Function Entertainment
1. Car audio navigation system comes with 7.0 inch digital touch screen.
2. Uses original OE design, plug and play.
3. This navigation system can offer RDS display, original USB, and steering wheel control.

Hardware Highlights
1. Uses SiRF prima 600Mhz CPU, powerful ARM11 architecture, 300Mhz DSP, our car audio navigation system features of faster speed, higher performance.
2. Equipped with 2USB port, it can charge to mobile phone.
3. DDR RAM :256MB DDR-400Mhz .

Software Highlights
1. Dual zone entertainment
2. Windows CE6.0
3. Bidirectional copy files between USB flash /SD and built -in storage.

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