Car GPS Navigation System for Peugeot 408

Car GPS Navigation System for Peugeot 408

1. This car multimedia navigation system supports original AUX connection.
2. It supports internal or external AV/TV.

Hardware Highlights:
1. Mobile hard drive: support (ex FAT, 2TB)
2. It supports 3D hardware acceleration: HD 3D graphics for real 3D map.
3. Two USB ports allow you to charge mobile phones.
4. DDR RAM: 128MB DDR-400Mhz

Software Highlights:
1. Language customized: more than 17 languages (optional).
2. Dual zone entertainment
3. Bidirectional copy files between USB flash /SD and built-in storage.
4. Friendly navigator path setting, easy to change.

We are a professional Peugeot DVD navigation system manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of car multimedia navigation systems, including Lexus, Mazda, Suzuki, VOLVO, Ford, Honda, Citroen and Chevrolet GPS navigation system, and much more.

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