Car Video System for Honda Civic

Car Video System for Honda Civic

This car video is applicable to Honda Civic.

Multi-Function Entertainment
1. This car video comes with 8.0 inch digital touch screen.
2. It can support RDS display, internal or external amplifier display, and internal or external AV/TV(optional).
3. Bluetooth with A2DP, hands free, support phonebook.

Hardware Highlights
1. Uses SiRF prima 600Mhz CPU, powerful ARM11 architecture, 300Mhz DSP, our car audio navigation system features of faster speed, higher performance.
2. The car video is equipped with 2USB ports, it can charge to mobile phone.
3. DDR RAM :256MB DDR-400Mhz .

Software Highlights
1. Start up image, easy to customize.
2. Dual zone entertainment.
3. Our car video for Honda Civic can be customized more than 17 languages(optional).

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