Car GPS Navigation System for Mitsubishi ASX

Car GPS Navigation System for Mitsubishi ASX

1. This car GPS navigation system is designed with a 7.0 inch digital touch screen.
2. It supports RDS display.
3. The Mitsubishi GPS navigation system supports original AUX connection.
4. It supports internal or external AV/TV.

Hardware Highlights:
1. Two USB ports allow you to charge mobile phones.
2. Play and charge: iPhone 3G, iPOD, iTouch
3. It supports 3D hardware acceleration: HD 3D graphics for real 3D map.
4. Built-in memory: 256 MB Nand Flash (standard), up to 2GB (optional)

Software Highlights:
1. Dual zone entertainment
2. Startup image is easy to customize.
3. Friendly navigator path setting, easy to change.
4. Bidirectional copy files between USB flash /SD and built-in storage.

As a professional Mitsubishi GPS navigation system manufacturer and supplier in China, We also offers KIA, Lexus, Benz, Citroen, Honda, Mazda, TOYOTA and Chevrolet GPS navigation system, and others.

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